1 Week till Kona – 13 Months in 7 Days

1 Week till Kona – 13 Months in 7 Days

The purpose of this 10-weeks of blog posts idea was to chronicle the emotions, training, highs, and lows of preparing for the Ironman World Championships. With that in mind, I have to apologize, as I don’t think I have accurately represented everything about the process. For the most part, my posts have had an underlying positive theme, even through some of the struggles I’ve had. This is what I strive to impart through my writing, but we all know that not everything is rainbows and puppies. I’ve been rudely reminded of this in a very real way this week, and I don’t want to ignore it.

Truth is, I’m a mess this week. The feelings of anxiety, stress, doubt, etc. of the trip that is looming only days away have really set in. Don’t get me wrong, the excitement is still there, but it is currently being overshadowed. The biggest source of angst has been my decision to travel to Kona on Tuesday, the 4th. I’m struggling to have confidence that 3 days on the island is enough time to prepare. Right now, I want to board a plane and just get there. Hillary and Alyssa have had to talk me off this ledge, reminding/reassuring me that there is nothing wrong with this plan and I will be fully prepared with a Tuesday arrival.

Then there’s the struggle to come to terms with the fact that I have been preparing for this race for the last 13 months. This has been mental, physical, emotional, and logistical. And now it’s here. In a matter of days I will be thousands of miles away from Madison making the final preparations. That is very hard to comprehend right now. I don’t know how to process that in less than a week this is all done. The preparation will have been put to the test, results will be posted, and it will all be over.

I’ve been reassured, a number of times, that these feelings are completely natural and normal going into Kona, so I guess all I can do is try to enjoy the next few days, relax (probably with the help of a glass of wine), and take all of this in as part of the process.


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