3 Weeks till Kona – This Is Not Ideal

3 Weeks till Kona – This Is Not Ideal

This week has been far from what I was hoping for being 3 weeks out from Kona. After a fantastic run last Sunday and great day spectating at IM Wisconsin, I woke up Monday morning with a full blown sinus infection. This resulted in three days on the couch, a round of antibiotics, and the ever-present risk of coughing out a lung. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get back into training the last several days and managed to make it through a long-day today.

stephen-curryThere was a lot of introspection during the 4-hour bike ride, more than usual, most of which revolved around how awful everything felt, how I wasn’t able to settle into my power numbers, and the increasing amount of doubt that I would be able to salvage my last few weeks of training leading into the big dance. But then a phrase popped into my head…#keeppounding. This hashtag started with the Carolina Panthers but has been adopted by the company I work for as a way to stay motivated to reach our goals. For me, this morning, this was a much needed reminder that regardless of how I was feeling, I needed to keep pounding. The work was still being put it. And not only is the work still happening even if it feels like garbage, but pushing through those times builds so much mental strength. Every race that I’ve done has included at least a few moments when I have to make the decision to keep pushing through the pain or give in and accept a lesser result than I’m capable of. I believe that the more times I can push through those moments, in training or racing, the more likely I am to give myself the opportunity to accomplish something beyond what I previously thought I was capable of.

screen-shot-2014-06-04-at-13-18-37The other thing that I really had to keep in mind today was to trust the plan. I completely trust Alyssa, the plan that she puts in place each week, and that every session is prescribed for a specific purpose. I had a 10k run at race-pace off the bike, and I felt slightly better than what I expect death to feel like after that little jog. All I could think about was how I was going to muster the energy and motivation to get the day’s last session completed…a 4,200 swim. I was sure that the better thing to do would be to stay on the couch and rest up for the epic treadmill session that is planned for tomorrow. After all, I know my body and what it may or may not need, right? 9 times out of 10, this is wrong. After almost three years of working together, Alyssa knows how much I can handle and her plan isn’t meant to keep me comfortable. As long as I don’t get in my own way, the plan she has outlined will take me further and faster than I ever thought I could, something that doesn’t happen without plenty of discomfort. So I finally got off the couch, turned off my brain, and drove to the pool. And what do you know? I made my way through the session and felt much better at the end than I did at the beginning!

So when we hit those low points that inevitably occur, trust the plan and #keeppounding! Three weeks is still plenty of time to recover from this sinus infection, hit a few more key sessions, and be in great shape for Kona.