The 4th Discipline – GLUKOS

The 4th Discipline – GLUKOS

Triathlon is comprised of three disciplines: swim, bike, and run. But talk to any athlete, especially those that do mid to long-distance racing, and you’ll hear about the 4th discipline; that is nutrition. Without a properly developed and executed plan, performance quickly begins to deteriorate.

The beauty, and the curse, of the 4th discipline is that the formula is entirely individual. What works for one person may not, and likely will not, work identically for someone else. Between sweat rate, individual osmolity, and how strong the gut is (how much and what kinds of fuel someone can handle) each person needs to figure out their own formula to fuel themselves throughout the duration of training and racing.

Even with 2016 being my 7th year of racing, I still don’t feel like I have nailed down exactly how to fuel myself throughout events. One of the contributing factors to this, that I blogged about here, is that I discovered mid-2015 that I have a sensitivity to gluten, corn, and oats. This changed some of my approach to nutrition, mostly in regards to what was being used in products as the main energy source; I’ve been trying to find products that use sugars that are as natural as possible.

Honey Stinger products have been a good alternative, but the products that I’m most excited about are those made by GLUKOS. Their products use glucose, the body’s natural source of energy, and the basis for all of their products. According to their website, “GLUKOS is made with glucose—the form of energy used by all life on earth, and the only energy your body can really use. The more strenuous the activity, the more glucose your body requires. GLUKOS gives your body the fuel it needs to perform at its best.” IMG_1644

I first heard about this company through TJ Tollakson, pro-triathlete and owner of Ruster Sports and Dimond Bikes, who is a sponsored athlete for GLUKOS. From a Facebook post, I started doing research and eventually was conversing with the founder. Everything about the company and it’s products was incredibly appealing, and I wanted to try it out. Come to find out, GLUKOS was looking to put together a cycling/triathlon team for 2016. I jumped at the opportunity, and a box of samples showed up at my door soon after.

My short review is that these products are amazing! Their tag line is “2x energy, 2x faster”, and I can attest to the validity of this statements. Just this week, I’ve gone into two workouts feeling very sluggish and lacking anything that even resembled energy. A bag of gummies later, my favorite product so far, and I pulled off great sessions! But check them out yourself. They’re a fantastic company to work with, and they have a killer sample pack that lets you try pretty much everything they have. It’s worth the experiment!

With the Ironman World Championships on the horizon this year, having a partner like GLUKOS provides that much more excitement and confidence to put in the work necessary to have a great day in October.