Running (or biking) to Stand Still

Running (or biking) to Stand Still

Cue the U2 music.

There is very little that I look forward to more than doing indoor bike workouts (note the sarcasm). The scenery doesn’t change, you realize how much you can sweat and it seems like time slows down. But there are obvious benefits that drive us to endure the monotony. Following are a few that I’ve learned to appreciate over the last several months:

1)     The lack of downhills, tailwinds, coasting and traffic crossings makes for a more concentrated effort, meaning greater work in less time.

2)     You have the ability to do single-leg drills. I’ve been amazed at how much weaker my left leg is from my right. This kind of work wouldn’t be possible outside.

3)     I stay more consistent in my position allowing me to notice things that I need to change. For instance, the outside of my left foot was going numb after a while. I hadn’t noticed this before, and after talking to the bike fitter I’ve been using, I realized that I needed to adjust the position of my pedal cleats. I use Speedplay pedals/cleats and a slight adjustment to my toe in/toe out position took care of the numbness. I’ve learned that outside numbness means you need to adjust so that you toe is out a little more and inside numbness (towards the big toe) means you need to move your toe in.

4)     As amazing as Amazon Prime is, their library of movies that can be watched for free is not very current.