Team Zoot

Team Zoot

My wife makes fun of me sometimes because I sign up for most of the sweepstakes/contests that I find. It’s true, even though I can’t say that I’ve ever won anything; you can’t win if you don’t play, right? Well, this goes for a lot of the sponsorship opportunities I’ve explored, as well. As an amateur athlete sponsors typically require you to fill out an application that gets reviewed, along with thousands of others (I assume), to evaluate who will provide the most benefit to the company.

I’ve become a fairly hardened individual when it comes to receiving the “Thanks for applying, but…” letter. There is usually a slight moment of disappointment upon opening one of these, but those feelings quickly dissipate as I console myself with the reality of how small a chance I had to begin with. But a few weeks ago I received the other kind of message, one of congratulations. In addition to a professional team, Zoot Sports has been supporting a group of amateur athletes each year. For 2014, I received an invitation to be part of this team. Thirty individuals were chosen from the Great Lakes Region (IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI, KY) to represent their brand, along with a handful of other sponsors.

Having received this opportunity, I see this as a great opportunity for my ChildVoice project. The organization, sponsors and myself will have that much more exposure through me being part of this team. Especially in the first year of a project like this, I see this as an incredible aid in getting it started.

There are still a lot of details getting worked out, but I am incredibly excited to be part of Team Zoot in 2014!